Last year in May 2011, I was really excited to have the chance to be on 1013 Main Street’s Leadership Lab. I’m still so thankful for the opportunity because I’m now a regular guest on the program. What do I talk about?
I like talking about how individuals and business can improve their skills, performance, or levels of success. Business, personal and professional development are huge interests for me. We often limit ourselves based on our cultural, life, professional and personal experiences.

I like using the 15 minute Leadership Lab to share ideas and techniques you can use to overcome your current condition and find a way to greater health, happiness and more money in your bank account 🙂

So I’ll talk about ways to improve your chances of getting your dream job, getting unstuck from life, leadership (of course!), and how to improve your sales and marketing.

This first appearance on Leadership Lab focuses on communication and is called “Communication & Managers: Nature or Nurture”

Carl Kwan: Communications & Managers

Let me know what you think!

All the best.