Presentation design is an expression that probably draws some cringes from people. Understandable since most of us just want to quickly get our PowerPoint slides finished before our boss or teacher wants them. So in this very first Presentation Quick Tip video, I share with you a speedy way to add some flair to your PowerPoint presentations. All you have to do is use a photo as your background, instead of the plain white or whatever colour the template is.
I’ll go into more detail on exactly how to do it in another post. The main thing is to use photos that are relevant to your presentation topic. For example, if you’re putting together a presentation about your latest quarter’s sales results, use photos of your product, or photos from sales team meetings, whatever.

The challenge of course is getting the photos. But with smartphones being so popular, it’s just a matter of remembering to capture the moment wherever you happen to be and saving those in a well-named folder. Just hold your camera steady, keep the light source behind you and snap away.

One thing to not do is take pictures of people when there’s overhead lighting only. Everyone will end up with big black bags under their eyes and forever hate you for taking such an awful picture of them.

Anyway, check out the video for more information.

Thanks and look for the follow up to this Presentation Quick Tip.


If YouTube is unavailable in your area, please watch or download the video here: Presentation Quick Tip #1 – Use a picture as a PowerPoint background

Video length: 0:58