Look out! It’s Presentation Quick Tip #4! In this one, you’re going to learn how to make seemingly boring presentation content interesting. Many of the presentations you will have to give in your professional career will involve facts, figures or data of some kind.
Most presenters will simply regurgitate everything like a sports announcer calling a boxing match…

“A right cross, a left jab, a hook, another hook…”

Although that’s fine in a boxing match, it doesn’t work out so well in a presentation. You’ve probably heard some version of the following…

“This shows last quarter’s sales results. In October, we sold four thousand, nine hundred eighty dollars and twenty-seven cents worth of the XYZ Wizbang Widget. That’s down eight hundred blah, blah, blah…”

I’m guessing you didn’t even read all that, right? I’m right, aren’t I?

Of course not… That stuff is so incredibly boring!!! Yes, I know there are people and times when we have to show that.

I’m not arguing that you shouldn’t show the facts, figures or data. What I want you to know is that it is far more interesting to the audience if they know the how and why…THE STORY…behind the facts, figures or data.

So to find out what to do, watch Presentation Quick Tip #4 or you can skip down and read the video transcript.

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Hi, it’s Carl Kwan here with Presentation Quick Tip #4.

Ok, so in this week’s video, I’m gonna talk about when you have facts and figures and some other information that may not be so interesting.

You know, you might think it’s boring.

Well, how do you present that so that it is interesting?

Well, if you have facts and figures that you have to present, look at what is really, really important within those facts and figures.

Figure out, “Well, why should people listen to what I have to say here?”

And only choose the things that are really important.

The rest of the information, the audience can simply just look at it and pretty much understand it.

But what they don’t know is the why or how behind those facts and figures.

So what you have to do then, is choose the most important thing, or the main point, from that particular slide and talk about the why and how from that particular item.

And give a little background story and information about that.

That will make that information much more interesting and relevant to your audience.

That’s how you can make facts or figures, that may be boring, into something a lot more interesting for your audience.

And that is Presentation Quick Tip #4.

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