Starting this month, I’ve got a new set of presentations videos called the Presentation Foundation Series that will teach you about presentation content. This series of videos will be perfect for anyone who has ever asked, “What should I talk about in my presentation?”, or “What should I include?”, or “How should I get started?”
Check out the video below to learn more or skip down and read what the Presentation Foundation Series is all about.

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Why the Presentation Foundation Series?

One of the most popular questions I receive is how to choose presentation content. I love getting questions from people but I noticed I was getting similar questions over and over. So I thought it was a good time to talk about some tips for choosing presentation content. I also realized this topic was fundamental to becoming a good presenter so I decided to call it the Presentation Foundation Series.

What’s in the Presentation Foundation Series?

There will be four parts to the Presentation Foundation Series. Each part will have three videos for a total of twelve videos. The four parts are:

  1. What a Presentation Must Do
  2. What You Must Know About Your Audience
  3. How to Choose the Right Presentation Content
  4. Presentation Structure

I’m excited about bringing these videos to you and hope you learn a lot from them. To ensure you don’t miss any of the videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel or sign up for my newsletter.

Thanks and see you next week with “Presentation Foundation Series Part 1: What a Presentation Must Do”




Do your presentations lack that wow factor?

Does the majority of your audience look forward to your presentations, not because they want to listen but because they’ll be able to pass out and catch up on some sleep?

Do you know if your presentations are going to get the job done?

Those are the dilemmas that you and everyone else faces everytime you have to give a presentation.

And make no mistake…you will have to give presentations. You will need to pitch an idea, give a report, talk about your business to potential customers, try to land the greatest job or deal of your career, or… the very first job of your career.

To help you succeed in those situations, I’m going to roll out my Presentation Foundation Series of videos. The Presentation Foundation Series will cover what a presentation must do, what you must know about your audience, how to choose the right presentation content and a presentation structure to help you put everything together.

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Thanks for watching and see you next time for the first of three videos about what a presentation must do.

Bye for now.