I received the following message from Jessica yesterday over at my old PresentationExpressions.com site. I wanted to share the message because it is so inspiring. It tells me that with motivation and determination, anything can be overcome.
Here is Jessica’s message…

“Good day sir! We are plannning a few weeks before I watch your videos in youtube a presentation for the class. And I was given the responsibity to represent our group because they “think” that I was able enough to handle one and I doubt that because of the fact that I am an introverted type of person. Lately, because of my goals and aspirations in life, I finally decided to STAND up for something. Since that day people were impressed because of a great potential that I possess. Perhaps, that was the reason why I was tasked to host a presentation. I find it hard because speaking in public is my weakness. But then I realize with constant practice, a driving motivation, reading a lot and most imporatantly, listening to your pieces of advice would soon turn me into a great and inspiring speaker that you was once. I really appreciate every word that you say and it really motivates me to stand up and speak! You’re really an amazing person sir.”

I’m sure Jessica will continue finding success because she has learned to control her emotions and find a way to motivate herself when things seem difficult. This isn’t just about presenting, but a whole new way she can approach her life.

It’s amazing to hear and I hope it inspires others to follow.


Photo Credit: ladyvee9 via Compfight cc