This is part of a series of videos highlighting businesses in Korea. Businesses everywhere can really benefit from using video to show potential customers what type of experience they will have.
Business promotional videos can be used on your website to greet visitors, on your YouTube Channel to build an online presence… All to create greater brand awareness and to make it easy for customers to choose your business.

This video series is a collaboration with AngloInfo Seoul, Korea’s premiere directory for expats. Danielle Odenath from AngloInfo Seoul played a huge role in making this project happen. Much credit goes to her.

My role was on the creative/marketing end and I directed, filmed and edited the video.

Get in touch with me to find out how to get a video made and start using video effectively for your business.

UPDATE: Just received the following message from Yeon & Nature

Dear Carl and Danielle,

I am writing to both of you guys to express a huge thank you for making the great film. All staff in our clinic including Dr. Park are very impressed by the well-made video. This video will be a significant asset to promote our business. It is a really great pleasure to work with Angloinfo. Thank you once again.

Best regards,

Sophie Chung
International Business Manager

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Carl Kwan

Yeon & Nature Natural Birth Center, Seoul

AngloInfo Seoul