Here’s an explainer video that is used to promote a company’s product to potential distributors. An explainer video like this can really help you save time by not having to repeat yourself over and over to your target audience. These videos are also easy to consume when kept relatively short like this one, making them a great choice for your content marketing purposes.
Here’s what David, the company president had to say about working with me:

[box] Carl was amazing at listening to our concerns and taking what we wanted to incorporate the info into an animated video within a very short time frame. I firmly believe that Carl is a master within his craft and I could think of no other person to ever use or recommend when it comes to creating videos in order to market any company. Thanks Carl!!!![/box]

Working with David Tonkowich, Giselle Rosado and the talented Brigette Polmar of Brand Spoken, who also provided the voice for this video, was a great pleasure. Love working with dedicated, passionate and smart people.

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