Case Study: Edutige Microphones

I work with Edutige America, helping them produce video content and acting as their International Manager. This was a company that never really made it’s own video content. There was, however, content being made by others about Edutige products.

People Like Them

The good news for Edutige was that people were interested enough in their products to take the time and make a video. In fact, it was a video I made talking about my experience with one of their microphones that convinced them that they need more videos. And it wasn’t even the best video I ever made! It was just helpful to other people in my situation.

But this doesn’t always happen to businesses, especially if you offer a product or service in a local market. For example, if you have a landscaping business or you’re an event planner. So you need to take the initiative and start creating your own content.

What Content? Start with “What”

For Edutige, we want to educate our customers so they know what the mics can do and what devices the mics are compatible with. That meant videos explaining the “What.”

In particular, what microphones were best suited for particular activities or situations have been extremely helpful. This can include case studies about how other customers are using the microphones.

And then what?

While showing customers what your product or service can do is important, the other important thing to do is help people learn what it might be like to buy from you, what experience your customers may have when dealing with you.

This type of content can include your company background, testimonials, or perhaps different activities or organizations your company is involved with. This type of content depends on what type of business you have.

Types of videos for Edutige

For Edutige, we have videos answering customer questions, comparing our microphones to the built in microphones on iPhones and GoPros, and we will have others about recommended apps, how to shoot videos, etc, etc.

The goal is to give Edutige customers a sense of who they are dealing with, to help justify their purchase decision and to ensure they get the right product for their needs.

But videos aren’t everything

Even if you have the best videos ever, they are useless if your website stinks, if your products are terrible, or if your customer service is awful.

So for Edutige, we’ve recently updated their website to a more modern and user-friendly version. We know their products are good, so now we are focusing on giving great customer service.

Answering questions is huge!

The biggest thing we’ve done is answer emails quickly and be as helpful as possible. Edutige customers have different needs for recording things so we try to help them figure out what’s best for their particular situation. I’ve recently answered questions about things like…

  • Which microphones to get if using two GoPros in a car to record a conversation
  • Can our mics be plugged into the USB port on a digital camera
  • Why the sound isn’t being recorded with a computer connected to a TV

Answering customer questions has been huge in terms of giving a great customer experience. By doing so, we are telling people that we care about them, that we will take the time to listen and find a solution that works.

So yes, in the age of the Internet, videos are a big piece of the puzzle. Just be sure to have a modern, professional looking website, respond to emails quickly and offer great customer service.

For help creating videos for your business or organization, give me a shout.