I recently worked with another great client, Alex Raymond of Kapta, a company that provides key account management software. There really isn’t an industry, product or service that can’t benefit from using video. An explainer video can do so much in terms of saving time having to explain the same thing over and over, letting your clients/prospects passively engage with your business, and build trust or rapport with your target market.
But First, Here’s What They Thought About Working With Me…

[box] “We worked with Carl to help us produce an animated promo video for Kapta and I’m very happy with the result. Carl was professional, worked quickly, and was easy to get a hold of and communicate with. Ultimately, he delivered a video we’re completely satisfied with. We look forward to working with Carl again and would be happy to recommend his services to others.” – Alex Raymond, Founder & CEO of Kapta[/box]

Why Trust or Rapport is Important

A lot of companies and business owners I talk to are entirely focused on building their business and trying to get business because of just how competitive most industries are nowadays. But that’s where trust and rapport become essential.

When there are a lot competing products or services, sure, we could compete on price, but that’s a losing game because someone will always be willing to go cheaper. Instead, it’s more important to focus on the intangibles like trust or rapport because time and time again people will buy from people they know and trust. And video can be a great tool to help build that rapport and trust.

But It’s VideoS, Not Video, That Works

Although we can create rapport with people within a first meeting, building trust is a whole other animal that requires time, patience and putting the other person’s needs before yours. That sounds like dating or marriage advice, but it works in business with building trust.

So that’s why a single video won’t do the trick. Even a viral video won’t do any good in the long run if the company can’t build off of the sudden popularity and awareness.

You Can’t Go Wrong, If You Go Long

Plan for using video as a long-term strategy, along with other forms of content marketing. But don’t spread yourself too thin or feel pressured into being on every social platform. Be where your audience is, and give them what they want and/or need.

And that’s where video can be the perfect platform, one that you have complete control over.

If this sounds like something that resonates with you, get in touch with me and let’s find a way to use video to build rapport and trust with your market. And grow a business along the way.