Winright Law is an awesome client of mine because they care about the people they help, and they care about bringing change to the practice of law. I know first hand what they’re like to work with because they helped me with the purchase of our condo. Little did I know Winston and his staff would become friends and a valued client.
Content marketing is powerful stuff

Winright Law wanted to work with me because of the content I had created, which means they felt they knew me and could trust me based on what they saw. That’s where content marketing can be so powerful.

Content marketing can give a small solopreneur like myself a decided advantage over agencies because I’m the face of the business, and because people can see from my past work who I am and what I can do. It’s like getting instant rapport with someone.

Was it just one thing?

No. Just like when meeting someone and becoming friends, or maybe more, it’s the picture you paint of yourself in the person’s mind that makes them feel like they can trust you. Trust is so important. It requires multiple snapshots of you, which could be blog posts, videos (like me!), a podcast, being in the news, whatever you can.

I recommend picking something that lets your personality shine through. For me, I happen to like video.

And this video is for my friends at Winright Law, as they are also embracing video as a medium to show clients and to attract new ones.