Holy crap, it’s a presentation tips video!! It has been a long time since I made a video showing people how to give a good presentation… Well, Daily Film No. 7 is exactly that, and it deals with how to overcome fear when giving a presentation.
Disclaimer… Fear is natural. It is not a bad thing. That being said, I don’t know what kind of past experiences you have had, so if my tips for overcoming fear when giving a presentation are overly simple for you, hopefully, you can find comfort knowing that you’re not alone and that you can overcome your fear of giving a presentation. Good luck.

Ok, check out my 5 Quick Tips to Overcome the Fear of Giving a Presentation and let me know what you’re afraid of when it comes to giving a presentation.


PS Check out the newly revamped PresentationExpressions.com

PPS The audio for this video was recorded using an Edutige ETM-006 going into a Zoom H1 digital voice recorder.