Here’s Daily Film No. 10 and it’s all about saying NO… plus a generous helping of using my iPhone 6 in 60fps video mode then creating a slow motion effect in FCPX. Fun… and as you’ll see, tasty.
Slightly late again

Yes, it came out a few minutes after midnight but I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’ve shot, edited and released 10 of these daily films in a row now. Won’t say that they’ve all been well made or entertaining, but each one has allowed me to explore a different aspect or technique of filmmaking.

And that was the whole point of this… developing my skills, especially when it comes to creativity. I don’t know that my creativity has started to flow better or that I’ve become more creative, but forcing myself to come up with something everyday has been awesome.

Slow your roll

Daily Film No. 10 was a chance for me to use my iPhone 6 as the video camera. I used the built in camera app and didn’t even set any focus points the whole time. The iPhone 6 focuses quite fast so I all I had to do was be sure to shoot without panning or tilting too much and I’d get something in focus.

But this was also a chance for try using slow motion. I set the iPhone’s camera to 60FPS (frames per second). When you do this, it allows you to create smooth slow motion video when you go to edit. In FCP X this is super easy because you just choose how fast or slow you want your clips to be.

If I hadn’t shot with 60fps and I tried to slow down the footage, there wouldn’t be a smooth slow motion effect.

Slowing it down stabilizes your video

A cool side benefit of using slow motion is that your handheld shots will look smoother and won’t have that shaky, bumpy thing going on. This is especially effective when your original shot is already somewhat stable. Walking shots are harder, as you can see in my video.

So to cover up the shakiness, I edited out the really shaky bits. An example is the scene when I cross the street. The original was quite shaky and bumpy but I edited around those parts and with a few cuts, the result isn’t too bad.

Also for marketing and branding

It goes without saying that these daily films are a great way for me to create marketing content and branding for myself. The worst thing for me would be to have little evidence of what I’m capable of doing, so these daily videos are a great way to show my skills and who I am. Win-win!

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