This is an ongoing content marketing project for a local law firm here in Vancouver… Winright Law. I’ve been working with them to add content that builds their brand and engages their audience. The other part of it is presenting them as “new law,” a fresh approach to practicing law to help them find new clients… and new staff who want to work at a law firm with a different work culture.
Why a Christmas video

As I mentioned, corporate culture is important to Winright. So a Christmas video that shows what it’s like to work there can help potential clients and employees get a sense of Winright’s culture. Plus, it was Christmas, they were having a party, so why not film it, right??

But it’s also about content because as part of their content marketing strategy, we want to not only educate with legal services content, but we also want to mix it up with lighter content.

Why this is relevant to your business

Your customers and clients want to work with people they know, like and trust. It’s something I’ve probably said in each and every one of these posts! Because it’s true! You likely do the same thing, so why wouldn’t your customers or clients, right?

Your customers and clients need to feel that they have made the right choice to work with you, to buy from you, whatever. And one way to help them feel good about their choice is to let them know more about you than just what you sell or provide.

So a Christmas video about a law firm you’ve likely never heard of is relevant to YOUR business because it may inspire you to do the same, or it may make you want to work with them… or it may make you want to work FOR them.

Enjoy the video and get in touch if you’d like to start using video content to market your business.