This is going to sound blasphemous coming from a guy that promotes microphones for Edutige, but do you really need audio if you’re making videos to market your business? The answer is an outrageous “NO!” And the reason why is we can show and not just tell to get our message across.
Give people a break

As a business owner, we always want to tell prospective customers or clients about our products or services. But we don’t always need to move our mouths. Sometimes, just showing people what your product, service or company is all about can be just as effective.

Plus, it’s a nice way to break up the “monotony” of your regular marketing materials.

A non-microphone example (or two)

One of the companies I provide video marketing services to is a boutique law firm in Vancouver, BC called Winright Law. Lawyers are typically known to be talkers, aren’t they? Maybe 🙂

But it doesn’t mean we always need to talk to explain who or what we are as a business. In the video below, that you may have seen previously, we focused on the emotions and vibe of a group of people enjoying themselves. That’s probably a lot easier to show than tell, and makes it very easy for your audience to consume.

Here again is the video about their Christmas party and there’s very little audio in it…

Does it work? Yes, because the goal was to help people identify with the firm and see them as approachable and fun.

And here’s an animated explainer video about the real estate purchasing process, also for Winright (I work with them a lot, what can I say??), that has no voiceover.

This one could have been voiced to reduce the words on screen. but we decided that the audience may need to see the information and there was potential for non-native English speakers to see the video, so we went with this infographic style.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you prefer to see and hear what’s going on, or can visuals alone be enough?

And if you’d like to get a video for your business, let’s talk.