Here’s a great way to promote your business with video marketing: Shoot a video of your clients being all happy and ask them to talk about you, too! That’s what this video is all about.

Promoting your personal brand with video

This video was made for Ross Woo, a fantastic realtor in Vancouver, who wants to use content marketing to sell real estate. Specifically, he wants to use video as a marketing tool but not the typical slow motion shots of properties. Instead, he wants to educate and entertain people to show what his personal brand is all about.

I think that’s awesome, because buying a home is such a personal and huge decision, so you want to work with a trustworthy, honest and knowledgable realtor. And that’s what this type of video can do for someone like Ross.

Why video works for branding and marketing

Video is such a powerful tool and it works for branding and marketing because it gives potential customers or clients a chance to get to know you, to see if you are someone they would like and trust enough to do business with.

But video marketing is also a great way to help your current customers or clients feel reassured about their decision to work with you. Plus, they can confidently send referrals to you, knowing that their friends will be impressed with what they see.

Video is an awesome tool in a competitive market

Video marketing for a realtor, especially in an ultra-competitive market like Vancouver, can give you enough of an edge to differentiate you from other realtors. Sure, there’s word-of-mouth, but as I mentioned above, once those people Google you and see something that makes them question the referral, you could lose a potential client.

But if you have a video like this one, or more videos that educate consumers, show who you are and help people feel safe in their decision to work with you, you’ll be far more successful than the guy, or gal, that isn’t using video. Why?

Because you’ll have earned someone’s trust before they even talk to you. And that’s huge.

Want to learn more about how you can use video content to market your business? Let’s talk.

PS Ross is actually my realtor and helped me buy my first home so I know first hand just how genuine and trustworthy he is. Hope this video helps you out, buddy!