In this week’s video about content marketing, I’m going to talk about 3 reasons why you should start a podcast. For a guy that’s into video to suggest making a podcast might seem a bit unusual, but there are some very compelling reasons why a podcast could be a great platform for your content. Whether you choose to produce a podcast to market your business or not, this is just one of the many ways your business can implement content marketing. So have a look at the following reasons and decide for yourself if podcasting is something that would resonate with your audience.

Some stats to whet your appetite

  • Various sources peg podcast listeners in the US at around 46 million in 2015.
  • The number of subscribers on Apple’s podcast app is about 1 billion, which is like having every person in India as a podcast subscriber. It’s insane!
  • On top of that, many of those people, approximately two-thirds listen while commuting to and from work, so that means you have an audience that is always ready to listen to a podcast, 5 days a week, twice a day. Truly remarkable.

But why should you start a podcast?

First… As I mentioned above, a podcast is easy to consume because you don’t need to focus your eyes on a podcast. So you could be doing something else while listening to a podcast. As much as I love video, people aren’t watching while driving! And it’s less attention-getting to listen to a podcast while taking public transit than to watch a video a the bald Chinese guy. People won’t be wondering what the heck you’re watching. Not mention the obvious lower use of data if people are not on wifi compared to watching a video.

Second… A podcast is much easier to produce than a video. With a video, you need a camera, lights, a place to film and a good microphone… or two or three. On the other hand, to produce a podcast you only need a good microphone and a quiet room… even a walk in closet works because nobody will know! Try that with a video!

And third… A podcast is usually written out, or at the very least, you have to make some sort of outline. The script or outline can be used as part of your blog post, so together with a link or embedded player for the podcast, you have two ways for the search engines to find your content. Getting found organically like this is a great way to increase your search rankings and is safer, as you’re not likely get penalized if Google changes an algorithm because Google favours valuable content when determining search rankings.

My podcast… Betcha didn’t even know, huh?

My good friend Mike Miello and I have a podcast. I have to admit, it took some convincing for me to get going on it, so kudos to Mike for keeping at me to get the podcast going. And it’s actually him that does most of the work, including making the podcast cover art and all the editing and uploading.

How to use podcasting to build a brand with content marketingAnyway, it’s called Brand Ballers and we talk about how we use content marketing or other strategies to grow our own brands, and at the same time, we try to impart some useful tips and ideas that you can use. Our goal is to help you build a brand that people understand. Catchy, huh? 😃

If you have questions about starting a podcast… ask Mike! If you need help with creating content, coming up with ideas for content, especially video content to market your business, get in touch and let’s talk.

Thanks and talk to you next time.