Here’s a quick way to create video marketing content that is perfect when you’re stuck for ideas… Make a screen capture video! Screen capture videos are a great way to teach people something, to show them steps or a process, or how something on your website works.

Other advantages of making screen capture videos

  • Relatively fast to make
  • Only need your computer and a microphone
  • Can make them practically anywhere (the sample video in this post was made in a coffee shop!)
  • Eliminate possibility of people judging you based on your appearance
  • Can outsource the video part if you record the audio

Equipment Needed

If your screen capture video is to be viewed by anyone other than yourself, then audio quality is hugely important. It’s the same as any other type of video in that audio is critical to whether your video is watchable or not. And if you’re at all familiar with videos I’ve made comparing a built in mic to an external mic, you’ll likely know how much better the audio is with an external microphone.

Before I begin, I just want to say that you can do this whether you’re on a PC or a Mac. The biggest difference is the type of microphone you use.

For a PC, you’ll need a 3 pole microphone like one of the Edutige ETM series mics. And for a Mac, you’ll need a 4 pole microphone like one of the Edutige EIM series mics.

Send me a message or leave a comment below for microphone recommendations, if you need some help choosing.

Screen capture software

Next, you’ll need some sort of screen capture software to record what’s on your computer screen. Although there are several free options out there, I’d suggest going with something paid because of stability, features and support.

For PCs, have a look at Camtasia. Pricey now for some reason, but it seems to be the best for PC users.

For Macs, I recommend Screenflow. It’s what I’ve used for several years and I’ve found it incredibly versatile and reliable. Screenflow is also what I used to record the video in this post.

Something to make slides

You’ll likely need PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote to create some images, or to make a video of a presentation slide deck. You don’t have to do this because you can create the text and add images using the screen capture software, but I recommend that you do. The reason is because you will have an additional piece of content you can post to Slideshare or give away as a PDF.

There you go

So that’s a basic rundown of why screen capture videos are a great way to create video marketing content, the equipment you would need and the software necessary to make the recordings. You can really talk about anything in a screen capture video, but if you’re not sure what to do, or just want some help creating your content, let me know.

And also let me know if you have any questions or feel free to share the types of screen capture videos you’ve made.