Video content marketing is a great way to build trust and credibility with your target market because of the emotional and personal nature afforded by video. But as consumers ourselves, many of us have had the experience of feeling let down, losing trust and feeling duped by a company we did business with. Trust and credibility are, to me, huge factors when it comes to having a successful business.

So what about being trustworthy and credible online?

Trust and credibility online is even more fragile because of how easy it is for people to criticize, stop doing business with us and let the world know about it. One or two bad comments on Facebook or a poor review on Yelp or Amazon can do some serious damage from which a business will have a hard time recovering. Think about the last time you were jilted… Still ticked off or feeling negative towards that person or business? Your customers are the same.

They’ll look

Your customers develop trust and believe in your credibility by what they see of you online. Many people will Google your products, services, company, and possibly, either you or your team members before making a buying decision. At the very least, they’ll look at reviews.

Have your house in order

Because of how easy it is for your customers to find things about you, it is highly recommended that you do an audit of your social media channels. And I don’t mean your professional social media channels. Be sure to go through any personal spaces online and make sure that who you are is congruent with how you want you and your company to be seen.

Authenticity matters

The thing is, you can’t just get rid of anything negative online and hope that nobody knows. Yes, you definitely want to be careful with what you post or comment on and your customers or clients may be forgiving. But hopefully, you and your team members and your business started out with a higher level of standard.

Be true… Or else

Maybe it’s your mission statement that guides and directs all of your actions, that keeps you focused, authentic and true to yourself, your business, your brand, and most importantly, to your customers. Whatever it is, be almost hypersensitive to protecting that image and growing it because it can be lost so easily.

We only need to look at Volkswagen and diesel gate to see a perfect example of how a company has lost trust and credibility and how damaging that can be.

Video is your friend

Video content marketing can be a powerful ally when it comes to building and maintaining trust and credibility with your audience. So look into how the videos you produce not only provide value, but also continue to nurture trust and credibility.

Maybe you tell personal stories, maybe you show how your products or services impact the lives of others, or maybe you are just incredibly giving when it comes to educating your customers. Any of these forms of content are going to help. Just be sure to back them up by being congruent outside of that content.

Let me know if you want to talk about video content marketing for your business.