If you’re an IT company, it’s definitely a good idea to use video content marketing as a way of educating your customers, earning trust and developing a relationship with current and potential customers. The reason why I want to discuss IT companies using video content marketing is because I recently had a less than thrilling experience with a number of IT companies.

Getting something done

After permanently moving back to Canada, I needed to change my Google for Work account. Unfortunately, this cannot be done through Google. In fact, Google makes it very clear, or at least pretty clear, that the only way to change country billing information is through an authorized Google apps reseller. And this is where I ran into some issues for something that should be so simple.

What happened with the resellers

After googling resellers in my area, I emailed five of them and heard back from three of them. This kind of response rate would seem to be pretty good. But each of the resellers told me something a little bit different. And the differences were enough that I couldn’t make a decision, or they didn’t want to work with me.

For example, one place said they only worked with large accounts and not single user accounts like mine.

The second place did want to work with me but wanted to charge $100 to transfer my billing information, which they told me would only take a few minutes. I don’t know about you, but $100 to transfer billing information seems excessive.

And the third place insisted that Google could complete the transfer, or that I could do it myself because I am the administrator for my account. Clearly, this one did not understand or read my email in which I definitely mentioned that my account was opened overseas.

On top of that

Not only did the last two resellers make it difficult, but they also tried to sell me management services, which were about $500 per year. Currently, I pay $50 per year so $500 just doesn’t jive.

How video content marketing fits into all of this

I think I would have been OK choosing the company that offered to do the transfer for $100 if there were videos with information to help me understand the cost, the time or the process involved with transferring billing information. Or if there was other information that led me to believe, and ultimately trust, that this company was the right one for me.

Even an explainer video telling me about the company, and some customer testimonials would have been great. But there was nothing at all.

So I had very little confidence in dealing with that company, or in fact, any of those companies that I heard from.

How IT companies can implement video content marketing

Now that you’ve heard me rant and rave about my experience, it’s probably pretty clear what IT companies can do by implementing videos into their marketing. But here are three ways IT companies can use video content marketing to their customers’ benefit:

  • First, tell us about who you are, what you offer and why customers should choose you in an explainer video.
  • Second, explain your services, your processes and answer commonly asked questions. This will help customers know what you can do, and it will help them make an informed decision.
  • And third, have some videos related to your corporate culture. These types of videos can go along way in, for lack of a better term, humanizing IT services.

What it all adds up to

Implementing video content marketing into an IT services company can really help with building trust, demonstrating a willingness to be helpful and working with well-informed customers, which will ultimately, make your life easier. And probably, more profitable, too.