In episode 26 of The Brand Ballers Podcast, Mike and I talk about finding a process to help with your blogging efforts in part 5 of 6 of our blogging for business series of podcasts. Check it out…

Podcast Show Notes:

In last week’s episode we talk about finding a content form that your audience will like, which is part of our 6 episode series on Blogging for Business. Just to mention those six topics, they are:

  1. High-level planning
  2. Find a content form that your audience will like
  3. Find a tone of voice
  4. Find a blog process
  5. Find a process to promote your blog after you’ve created something
  6. Find out if what you’re doing is actually any good (measuring if it’s working)

Today we will talk about finding a blog process.

The importance of finding a blog process

  • Process is like creating a routine
    • Like peeing in the morning. There’s no thinking, You get up and just go
  • Routines build muscle memory
    • Your body expects to do it and hopefully craves for it
  • Keeps you organized and helps you do things more efficiently
    • Saves time and energy; we’re all busy
    • Just removes the gorilla off your back


  • Brand Ballers podcast evolved
    • No process
    • Once a week
    • Batching episodes
  • The production process
    • We discuss ideas, choose a topic
    • Prepare notes, script
    • Record
    • Edit
    • Publish
    • Promote
  • Effect that batches seems to have is it is bringing our preparation time per episode and amount that we want to blah blah down

Actionable steps to take away from the podcast

  1. Break down the process into blocks
    1. Several components to blogging just like we shared with our podcast
    2. Idea, preparing, writing/creating, publishing, promoting
    3. By doing this, it builds the muscle memory. It also creates clear tasks that could eventually be delegated to someone else
  2. Work out a schedule to fit in your blocks
  3. Put deadlines on those tasks
    1. Set a calendar alert for those task
    2. Carl: Put something on a paper calendar; don’t break the chain

Thanks for listening! If you’d like us to touch upon a particular topic on an upcoming podcast, send us a message with your question or suggestion.

Have a great day!