Here’s the last episode in our series on blogging for business. In this episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, Mike and I cover promoting your blog… and doing it in a manageable way. Check it out…

Podcast Show Notes:

In last week’s episode we talked about finding a content form that your audience will like, which is part of our 6 episode series on Blogging for Business. Just to mention those six topics, they are:

  1. High-level planning
  2. Find a content form that your audience will like
  3. Find a tone of voice
  4. Find a blog process
  5. Find a process to promote your blog after you’ve created something
  6. Find out if what you’re doing is actually any good (measuring if it’s working)

Today we will talk about finding ways to promote your blog content.

The importance of promoting your blog and the process of promoting your blog

  • If no one knows about it, then know one will ever know about it or care about it; or buy what you’re selling
    • Like promoting anything else related to your business
    • If you have a great product, no one is going to know about it…unless they smell good like cookies.
    • Nike won’t shoot a commercial and just put it on their blog; they’ll get it out to as many people/influencers as possible
  • Can potentially attract influencers/partners to help your blog grow
    • Believe it or not, people are contacting us and commenting on our podcast
    • Even a possible advertising spot is opening up


  • Made a drone video in Amsterdam
    • We shared it on Youtube
    • Larger company called to use footage
  • Carl: Presentations content promoted on Facebook led to work
    • Led to working with the central bank of Korea
    • Someone from the bank saw one of my videos because it was shared by a mutual friend
  • Process of promoting is important because it’s efficient and takes away the spur of the moment activity
    • Also having it organized means that it’s built into your time schedule
    • Organization can eventually lead to delegation
    • Helps you figure out what forms of promotion are working or not working; measurement
  • Be realistic about how much time you can spend; more is usually better
    • Some say spend 20% of your time creating; 80% promoting
    • But realistically, most people don’t have this much time so do what you can;
    • Publishing consistently is probably more important than promoting 80% of your time away
  • Know where your audience is so you promote in the right places
    • Examples:Presentations videos
    • Posted on website
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
    • Send out email newsletter
    • Key: Replying to people that retweet, share or like

Actionable steps to take away from the podcast

  1. Decide which channels are best to use for your audience
    • Based on where you think you can reach most of your targeted audience
    • And where you would enjoy promoting yourself. It is about putting yourself out there and so it helps to feel comfortable.
      • Mike – SoundCloud for the podcast and I spam my friends, Product hunt
      • Carl – YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  2. Break down the process into blocks
    • Work out a schedule
    • Prepare how you will promote;
      • Write out the tweets;
      • Create hashtags, tags;
      • Write email if you’re sending a newsletter
  3. Be consistent about your promotion when possible
    • If your audiences enjoys it, they expect it at a certain getting the newspaper every Sunday
    • Set a calendar alert

Thanks for listening! If you’d like us to touch upon a particular topic on an upcoming podcast, send us a message with your question or suggestion.

Have a great day!