In this video about video content marketing I want to talk about some tips for creating better marketing videos for your business. This is for business owners looking to get into making videos to market your products or services but you have either, not yet started or you have made videos but they weren’t very good. Video marketing can be a very powerful tool for your business because videos humanize the experience of dealing with you, can make you and your company seem more authentic, and can build trust with your customers before they ever speak to you. And as many benefits as there are to using video, there are many types of videos, as well. But in this video I want to concentrate more on talking head style videos, where it is just one person speaking directly to the camera.

Obviously, the most important part of a talking head style video is the talking. So I want to talk about three things you can do that will improve the talking part of your marketing videos. These three tips can be applied to any type of video, and not just talking head style videos.

#1 Write Conversationally

The biggest mistake that people make when writing a video script is being too formal, technical or just plain dry and boring. Remember that the point of your video is to engage your audience, so try to write as conversationally as possible to make your video more natural sounding. The added benefit is that it will be easier for you to make your video because it will be as if you are having a conversation with someone you know.

But here’s the thing to remember: Get to the point. One of the worst things that has happened with people making videos is that they tend to ramble or think that it is necessary to talk a lot. It’s far better to get to the point because most viewers tend to hit the fast forward button, or they will just skip through your video. So get to the point and leave out the fluff.

#2 Focus on Them

This is the part many people get wrong, which is they tend to focus too much on talking about themselves and how their product or service is so great. Instead, you need to focus the message of your marketing video on the viewer and what they care about. As a business owner who has ever taken a marketing course in their life will know, people care about themselves and want to know that what you are offering will somehow serve them. So be sure to focus the message of your videos on demonstrating understanding of the viewers problems or issues, and how your product or service helps them.

#3 Get Others To Talk About You

We don’t want to brag or talk about ourselves in our marketing videos, but we do need some proof that we can do what we say we can do. And the best way to do that is through testimonials. So if you can include either a video testimonial or a written testimonial in your videos, your videos will be far more effective. What you can do is start making a list of past customers you can contact for testimonials, and also start asking for testimonials after you have finished doing business with your customers. But only the happy ones, of course.

Since most of my clients are in different parts of the world, it’s easier for me to get written testimonials and place them on my website.

So now you know three ways to make better marketing videos for your business to help with your video content marketing efforts. Hope you found those tips helpful and hope that you will use those tips to start making videos, because as I mentioned previously, if you’re not making videos, your competition will.