In this video you will learn 3 tips for giving a killer class presentation because presentations for school are very important. A great class presentation can not only help your grades, but it can also help change the perception your teacher and classmates have of you. Our decisions are largely governed by our emotions, whether we think so or not, so any time you can leave a good impression on people, the better it will be for you in the long run. So that’s why an awesome class presentation can be so beneficial beyond just grades. So here are my 3 tips for giving a killer class presentation.

#1 Always present first

This sounds like a crazy idea, but going first is the smart student’s choice because it demonstrates to your instructor that you are not only well-prepared, but also confident. And because you were first, the instructor will likely have a better memory of your presentation. After watching 10 or 15 presentations, they start to get fuzzy in the teacher’s mind, but the first one will likely still be memorable. Weird, but true.

#2 Do not use notes

Another great way to show that you are prepared and confident is to not use any notes. Preparedness is usually a critical evaluation factor, so not using notes is an easy way to score extra points. You’ll also make a great impression on your classmates, too.

#3 Mention something from class

This is the killer move right here. Be sure to mention something you learned in class that is relevant to your presentation. Usually, your presentation will be about something the instructor discussed in class. So if you can refer to whatever was discussed, that will show you were paying attention and learned something because you were able to apply what you learned in your presentation.

BAM! That’s the sound of an A! Hopefully!

If you follow the above 3 tips for giving a killer class presentation, I am sure that you will come away with a much better result than if you don’t use the tips. Of course, you still need to prepare and practice, and the tips for giving a great class presentation require you prepare well. That being said, there is no reason why any student shouldn’t be able to give a memorable and killer class presentation.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. And let me know what you’d like to learn when it comes to giving a class presentation.