In this video you will learn about the top 3 worst things that could happen during your presentation and what to do to overcome them. Everyone that has given a presentation has had at least one bad experience. Unfortunately, some people have more than that! This video will go over the top 3 things that could go wrong during a presentation and more importantly, you’ll learn what to do if one of those 3 things happens to you.

3. Audience is bored and/or sleeping

This happens to many people, and you may have been one of those board or sleeping audience members.

How to overcome it:

  • Engage the audience from the start.
  • Talk about what the audience wants to hear.
  • Disrupt the audience with the breaks, such as questions, Videos, or pictures that re-captures the audience’s attention.

2. Presentation slides are messed up

This could be because of technical difficulties or human error. In any case you cannot use your PowerPoint slides during your presentation.

How to overcome it:

  • Have a backup PDF files or handouts.
  • Use your own laptop to play presentation.
  • Carry-on without any slides; shows confidence.

1. Forgetting what to say

Forgetting what to say is a big one and is also a big fear for many people.

How to overcome it:

  • Stay calm because the audience doesn’t know that you forgot; continue as if nothing happened.
  • Use signposts or markers in your presentation slides to help with your memory.
  • Create an acronym with your presentation content; will help memory and will help audience to remember.
Hope you found that helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.