Here is episode 30 of the Brand Ballers podcast with me and Mike Miello. This week is topic number 3 of our website series and it’s about setting up your website like restaurants do and the branding expert approach vs the internet marketing approach.

Show Notes:

The importance of how you set up your website and why we suggest thinking like a restaurant

  1. What is the restaurant approach?
    1. 2 restaurants side by side, same food. What gets you to choose one place over another.
    2. Clean, decor, welcoming feeling
    3. If you think about how you or other people search for products and services online, it’s a similar process. Something captures your attention because it looks relevant, and then you do a scan of their website.
    4. If you can provide enough relevant information on your website, just like a restaurant tries to do, you increase your chances of people seeing that you have something that they want or need.
  2. Branding expert vs internet marketing approach to setting up a website is different; branding expert tends to focus more on looks; internet marketing expert tends to focus more on how your website converts visitors into customers/clients.
    1. Branded website – Apple
    2. Internet Marketing website –
  3. Your website should look good, but it should also serve the main purpose for having a website for your business…get people to do business with you.

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Consider setting up your website to focus on conversion; think about a house tour where you lead your website visitors from one area of your site to another; offer small actions they can take, such as clicking to move on to the next area of your site; eventually arriving at your main call-to-action (sale, opt in, share/like, etc).
  2. Address questions that your audience is going to have. It let’s people know that you’re already thinking with them. You know their issues and you’re tackling them before they even bring them up.
  3. Don’t over think your website. Lots of times people will think they need 10 pages to communicate something that can be done in 3…or sometimes 1. You need a starting point, you measure, asking people if it’s doing well, then you adjust

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