Video marketing has inherent challenges, with developing content ideas probably near the top of the list. A content calendar with ideas planned out in advance always helps, but sometimes to get our message across, we need to be a bit more light on our toys and react to what’s going on in the market or environment. So in this video, I discuss three tips that will help you get your message across to your audience using video:

3 Tips for Getting Your Message Across

  1. Be flexible and create content based on priority, even if that means breaking from your content calendar. This ensures people will get what they want and won’t have to wait or go elsewhere.
  2. Create based on urgency, such as making a video that answers common questions. This frees up you or your staff from having to answer those questions.
  3. Say it in a different way. You can create content about the same topics but using different examples or wording because of differences in how people process information.