Video Marketing Tips for Realtors

Living in Vancouver and having bought a home here, I’ve gotten to know some realtors and also the process of purchasing real estate in Vancouver. I’ve seen the process of buying real estate in Vancouver from the perspective of the homebuyer, the real estate agent and the lawyers who help complete the transaction. So I think I have a pretty good handle on how realtors in Vancouver, or anywhere else, can use video content marketing to increase trust, build credibility and ultimately, sell more homes. The following three tips are a great starting point for using video as a marketing tool for selling real estate property.

Tip #1: Add value and personality

In addition to the normal walkthroughs or video slideshows, tell people things about the property that are unique or special. Do this yourself so people get to see you and your personality because people like buying from people they like and trust.

Tip #2: Answer questions to build trust

And when it comes to building trust, a great way is to answer questions that people may have. As a realtor, you likely get the same questions over and over. Answering those in a series of videos helps people get to know you and trust the information you are providing. Of course, you need to answer those questions thoroughly to ensure people are not left confused or still unclear about the answer.

Tip #3: Describe the process

Most people, especially first time homebuyers, have no idea about the different steps and processes that go into the sale or purchase of real estate. Teaching people about those processes will help people feel more comfortable when dealing with you and they will trust you to help them.

Hope you found that helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about using video as a marketing tool to sell real estate.