In this week’s video for Edutige’s video marketing, it’s a test of the Edutige Action Bundle for GoPro to record live jazz. This video happened quite randomly, to be honest. I was out with my family for a picnic down at the seawall and the art studio behind us was hosting a live jazz concert. I usually have my GoPro and microphone handy, so I quickly shot some video about a topic that I know the Edutige and GoPro audience are interested in… recording live music with a GoPro.

Keep your audience in mind

There are always opportunities to create video marketing content, as long as you’re well aware of who your audience is and their needs. It seems very basic, but it’s a mistake I see over and over again when it comes to producing video content.

Keep it short and to the point

Another mistake I often see is making videos that are too long. Cut out fluff by being focused on your audience’s needs. Get to the point and edit without mercy. Cut out anything that doesn’t contribute to your audience’s understanding/knowledge.

Keep a notebook of ideas

I’m always writing down ideas for videos because I’m always coming up with topics I think my audience will like. So I use a Moleskine notebook and jot stuff down. Those notes then go up onto Trello, where I have a content calendar set up so I know what to do next and what I’ve already done.

What about you? What do you do to help you generate content ideas your audience cares about?

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or comments about this video or video marketing for your business.