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In this video you’ll learn an essential presentation practice tip that will save your presentation from disaster… or at least ensure that your presentation comes off more polished and professional. I’ve also got a couple extra tips that will also help you in practicing your speech or presentation. All of these presentation practice tips will work for students and business people, so make sure you pay attention!


Why sitting is bad

Sitting is one of the absolute worst ways to practice for a presentation… unless you will be delivering your presentation or speech while sitting!

You need to stand so you can simulate what it will feel like to actually give your presentation.

Get out

So what to do if you can’t sit to practice your presentation? Well, quite simply, get out of your home or office and either go to the location where your presentation will be, or practice in a different room that somewhat resembles the location.

If that’s not possible, at least use a different room that feels uncomfortable so you can build up some confidence to give the presentation.

Family + Friends = Bad Audience

Many times people will practice in front of family and friends, but this is a bad idea, in my opinion, because they will likely give you only positive feedback.

Positive feedback sounds good, but it can hurt your presentation if you don’t know what you didn’t do well.

So use a group of colleagues, classmates or people not associated with your presentation. Be sure to tell them you need honest feedback about your presentation and performance.

You can also tell your friends and family this, if that’s the only audience you can practice in front of.

Hope you found those presentation practice tips helpful. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.