One of the nice things about products is that you can make videos to introduce or demonstrate them. The benefits are pretty obvious as doing this type of video lets your customers see exactly what they’re getting. Something that I like about this type of video is that people can get a sense of scale of the product. How many times have you bought something and it was either bigger or smaller than you imagined? I personally don’t like that, so I always try to show the Edutige products in a way that helps customers get a sense of exactly how big (or small in this case) the microphones and accessories are.

Another thing to do

Aside from just ensuring that you provide enough information, make sure when you’re filming to have enough light and to only talk as much as you need to. Don’t over talk and make the video much longer than it needs to be.


And also be sure to talk with some energy because your customers are also consciously or subconsciously, judging you based on your voice. Very important point that sometimes gets neglected.

Anyway, here’s the post from Edutige. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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This is the ETG-003. It’s a 3 pole to 4 pole adapter that lets you connect our ETM series microphones to iOS devices, like the iPhone. It’s great if you want to use a mic like the ETM-001, ETM-006 or ETM-008 with your iPhone, instead of buying additional microphones. We like it when you buy more mics, but we also know that you may not want to carry around two microphones. If that describes you, then the ETG-003 is a great solution.

The ETG-003 is plug-and-play, so all you need to do is plug your mic into it and the whole thing just works straight out of the box. A quick and easy way to get more out of your ETM series microphones if you happen to have an iOS device. Let me know if you have any questions or comments and be sure to like and subscribe.