There are plenty of options when it comes to video creation tools and software to create video marketing content. For animated explainer videos, I have chosen to use PowToon because there are several benefits for you, my client, over using software such as Adobe After Effects.

#1 – Speeds Up Delivery

Getting videos made in as short a time as possible can be a major benefit for your business because, as we know, timing can sometimes be crucial to success.

With PowToon, animated explainer videos can be made in approximately 2 to 3 weeks; on the other hand, a typical After Effects video can take anywhere from a month to two months.

This means it takes longer for a potentially powerful marketing tool that could really help your business to be put into action.

#2 – Easy Customization

Video content marketing should be a relatively fast process. But an animated explainer video made with Adobe After Effects needs to be made from scratch, which means the video is 100% customized. That is certainly a plus for using After Effects, but that slows down the production process.

And a PowToon explainer video can also be easily customized.

Using the available characters and graphics found in PowToon, along with finding custom images and graphics, or even creating custom graphics for you, can also give you a completely unique looking video.

And in fact, customizing an explainer video in PowToon is much simpler and faster than in Adobe After Effects because everything is drag and drop, where as doing the same in After Effects requires manipulating many more smaller details.

“But aren’t there limitations to using PowToon?”

Yes, there are limitations. And the biggest limitation is that a PowToon video cannot be made to look like a smooth, cartoon like video that you would see on TV or in the movies.

If you are looking for that type of video, then you need to go with a video made in Adobe After Effects.


That is why a video made with Adobe After Effects can cost several thousand dollars to make and take much longer to produce. They are simply much more complicated and time consuming.

This is, in my opinion, a major benefit of using PowToon versus Adobe After Effects… the time and cost savings to you.

#3 – Easy Editing & Revisions

An animated explainer video made in PowToon can be easily edited and revised, even after the video has been completed. But an animated explainer video made in Adobe After Effects requires a lot more time and effort due to the complexity of the software.

With a PowToon video, edits and revisions can be made on-the-fly and within a few hours. Again, this reduces the overall cost and time for delivery.

Another Thing About Money

To become a qualified After Effects animator requires a lot of time, effort and money to learn the software. In addition, many agencies will employ more than one animator.

So guess who has to absorb the cost of the time, effort and staffing? Of course, it’s you.

Yes, you can find cheaper After Effects animators in countries where the wages are lower. Not a problem. If they can do what you want, then great.


#4 – It’s About the Message

At the end of the day, the most important thing is whether or not the video is effective. And that is related to whether or not the message you want to present is conveyed clearly to your intended audience.

A fancy looking and pricey video that is nothing more than eye candy isn’t worth the pixels it was built on if it doesn’t help your business.

The software is ultimately a tool.

It’s up to me to understand your business, your target market and the overall message you want to convey and make that a reality.

Videos made with Adobe After Effects can be very cool. If they could be made simply, quickly and cost effectively, I might offer them to my clients. And if you feel an After Effects video is right for you, and is within your budget, go for it.

But as it is, PowToon offers a professional, flexible and reliable option for creating animated explainer videos that help my clients get their message across. And we can do it quickly and cost effectively.

Let me know your thoughts and also if you have any questions about making animated explainer videos.