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In this week’s episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, Mike thought it would be a cool idea to pick my brain a bit about my experience on YouTube. I’m not like a superstar in the YouTube world…meaning I don’t make a living solely off of YouTube commissions, but with over 20k subscribers…and leads that turn into sales because of my YouTube channel, there could be some valuable lessons for anyone getting into YouTube or struggling with YouTube.

So Carl, what do you say…let’s talk about your experience.

The importance of learning from my experience(?)

  1. Do’s and Don’ts of video How would you start out? How should I start a video?
    1. Do choose a clear topic, theme or style; be prepared to adapter it over time.
    2. Don’t get caught up in buying gear or thinking a certain camera is all you need to make “good” videos; what you have is probably better than you think and more than enough; your iPhone is already awesome.
    3. Do prepare what you will say, even if it’s just notes to avoid rambling.
  2. Be yourself rather than pretending
    1. Being authentic is what branding is all about, especially with video; this means being congruent with your brand image. Pretending to be something you’re not can lead to negative backlash that could permanently damage your brand. Honest is the best policy, right?
  3. Personality factor in branding
    1. Personality counts; people want to be entertained or find what they’re watching engaging; personality helps and personality on camera is a skill you have to develop and work at.
    2. Biggest brands have a brand personality, like Nike. They know what their brand personality is and who they are targeting.

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Do learn how to use your video equipment and some basics related to producing a video, such as writing, filming, lighting, audio, composition and editing.
  2. If you are committing to video as your preferred format, get started with videos about your business; if building brand, consider making weekly videos and being consistent with that.
  3. Learn how to properly write a YouTube description and use tags, as these will increase the chances of getting found online and people watching your videos.

Thanks for listening! If you’d like us to touch upon a particular topic on an upcoming podcast, send us a message.

Have a great day!

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