When you get a video made, you might be thinking about the end result: What the video looks like and what you want the video to do for your business. But before we can get you there, the most critical part of a video, especially an explainer video, is the script. In the video, you’ll hear about why the script is the most important part of a video…

Quick notes on why the script is the most critical part of a video:

  1. Revising a script after the voiceover and/or animation has been done requires re-recording the voiceover and redoing the animation to fit the script. This adds time, will cost you more and delays the project.

  2. The script determines how the voiceover will be performed, which affects the timing of the animation. Adding or subtracting something from the script directly impacts the overall timing of the video, so the script needs to be 100% finalized before proceeding with the project.

  3. The script affects how the storyboard will be drawn. I draw up a storyboard of rough sketches based on the script to help with the animation. If the script is changed, then the storyboard needs to be changed. And that again, affects the voiceover and overall video.

Why approvals are so important when working with me

Approvals at each stage in the video production process get your video done efficiently and on time. When clients work with me, there is often nothing, or something very minor, that needs revising once the video has been completed.

I know the importance of having the video get to work for your business, so the video production process I have in place ensures you get the right video when you need it.