One of the biggest challenges when giving a presentation is overcoming performance anxiety, for lack of a better term. So in this latest presentation tips video, I go over a simple technique that has helped me and that will hopefully, help others improve their presentation skills.
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If you are feeling anxious about giving a presentation or you’re nervous about how you will perform, then this video is for you. Giving a presentation can be thought of as a sort of performance. Think about it… You need to stand in front of a group of people, maintain their attention and hopefully, achieve the result you want.

It’s a performance

Any time you are standing in front of a group of people and talking to them, you are giving a sort of performance. And a performance requires you to play a certain role because you can’t necessarily just be yourself, or just let the content do the talking for you. If you treat the presentation like a performance and you are playing a certain role, it can help make your presentation much more interesting and engaging.

Who are you?

Decide what role or character you need to be when giving your presentation. You can be yourself, but think about adding something unique to this role you’re going to play.

Preparing for your role

A simple way to prepare for your role is to find a person, fictional or a real person, who has the same characteristics you want in your role when you give your presentation. Characters in movies and TV shows are always a good source of inspiration. But be careful not to copy that character. Instead, take what they do and somehow make it your own.

A presentation is a performance. It’s your time to shine. Why not give yourself a chance to do that and stand above everyone else?

Thanks and good luck.