Baller Unexpected Brand Building Series

We’re going to kick off a new series on unexpected ways that companies have used to build their brand.

Episode List:

  1. Breaking the rules: Finding your own way.
  2. Mike: Unexpected ways to build your brand (presentation for kids)
  3. Carl: Unexpected ways to build your brand (presentation videos for Carl)
  4. Now what? Some suggestions to do the unexpected.

Show Notes:

In this week’s episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, we’re going to kick off a new series and talk about how companies have built their brands in unexpected ways. And this first episode is going to be about breaking the rules.

The importance of breaking the rules when it comes to brand building

  1. Every idea has a chance to succeed, but doing what everyone else tells you, or what others have done, might not work for you. Ex. Smaller hamburger places that have developed a cult-like following: In-n-Out; White Castle
  2. Fighting against the negatives: Why would you want to do that? Ex. Uber. AirB&B
    1. Why would someone want this
    2. How it became the ideal business model
  3. Adapting, finding your own voice so you can stand out amongst the crowd. Ex. Seth Godin with his daily blog; super short by what “experts” consider the right length for posts, but they work!

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Identify a niche or highly targeted group of customers. Ask “How are they not being served by traditional brands?” Ex. Big & Tall Stores.
  2. Offer something people wouldn’t expect. There’s something attractive about surprises
    1. I got my first website gig without having a website
    2. Offer more value than the competition.
  3. Don’t fit the mold. Make the mold
    1. There’s no one formula to doing business. If you do things like others, you won’t be heard. Realize that your uniqueness is a powerful weapon. With good taste and focus, it can help you.

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