In this week’s video content marketing post for Edutige, we are focusing on a product that solves a very specific issue for people who shoot videos or record audio with their iPhone… background noise. So this video demonstrates how the Edutige EIM-008 does that particular job, compared to how the iPhone’s built in microphone handles background noise.
For your business, think about specific issues your customers have and make videos that address those issues. It’s probably a lot easier than you realize. The main thing is getting it done. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, if you don’t, your competition likely will.

With video, it’s always best to be first because then everyone else will simply look like they are copying you, even if they have no knowledge of your videos. So get cracking on those videos!

Here’s the original post on Edutige’s YouTube channel and website:

If you use an iPhone to record audio or videos and want to know how to reduce background noise, then check out this video. You’ll hear how the Edutige EIM-008 unidirectional microphone works to reduce and reject background noise. In this case, a chainsaw!