In this week’s video for Edutige, I’m continuing to help customers get the most out of their microphones by teaching them why and how to adjust the audio levels of their videos or audio recordings. Sometimes people assume that a microphone just magically works to improve audio quality and will increase recording volume, too. Unfortunately, with the exception of certain microphones, that’s not the case.

I wanted to educate Edutige customers and help them overcome any fear or lack of knowledge they may have about editing their audio. Granted, this is a pretty simple explanation but it should help those who wonder why the microphone doesn’t sound any louder than the built in microphone on their camera or recording device.

So always look for ways to improve your customers’ knowledge and understanding, even if it is a topic that seems “obvious” or something that you think is general knowledge. The more educated your customers, the more likely they will make a smart buying decision and want to make that purchase from you.

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How to Adjust Audio Levels in Editing for Videos or Audio Recordings

In this video you’ll learn why and how you need to adjust the audio levels of your videos or audio recordings when using an external microphone. This applies to pretty much any microphone you use, whether it’s an Edutige microphone or any other brand. And it also applies to whatever camera or audio recording device you’re using.