When you get an explainer video made from me, usually, I’ll take care of the video from end-to-end. What that means is I write the script, do the voiceover and animate the video. But what if you don’t need all that? What if you already have a script you’re happy with and a voiceover already done, but you just need someone to bring the video to life? No problem.

I recently made an explainer video for Logical Promotions and that’s exactly what they wanted… me to animate their video because they realized they needed a professional to create a professional result for their business.

Here is what John Reiner, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience at Logical Promotions had to say:

“We started with PowToons thinking we could DIY and be done in a few hours. We soon discovered that we were making a crappy cartoon that did not have the look, feel, or tone we wanted. Enter Carl Kwan – our newly found PowToon expert. We had a brief talk with Carl about our hopes and dreams for the animation, and then we laid out the constraints: 1 week to final submission and a fixed budget. He laughed and then accepted out challenge. Within a week he was able to bring our video to life. He even gave us some directing tips for the last segment. We think he crushed it.”

And here is the full video for Logical Promotions…

One thing I suggest is to have me look over the script before you get the voiceover done. The reason is because I’ll be able to give you some feedback about whether or not the script and resulting video will do the job you want it to. There is a project I’m currently working on where this happened.

I took their almost 5 minute long script, which was way too long, and turned it into a tight, clear and more effective 2 minute and 45 second long script.

Not only is the video going to be better, but a shorter video also equals lower cost to produce. Like having your cake and eating it, too. Nice, huh?

Let me know if you have any questions about producing animated explainer videos for your business.