Show Notes:
In this week’s episode of the Brand Ballers Podcast, we’re continuing our series about how companies have built their brands in unexpected ways. And in this episode, we’re going to hear about Carl’s experience building his brand in an unexpected way.

The importance of Carl’s brand building experience

What were you doing at the time?

Teaching presentation skills at Korean Air. They asked if there were YouTube videos I could show in class that taught presentation skills. There weren’t many. Most were bad.

What did you do? And what was the result?

I was always interested in making videos, so I decided to make my own presentations videos. Started a website called

Website gets 8-10k visitors/month; YouTube channel over 20k subscribers. Established my brand.

How did that impact your brand and business? What did you learn?

It was literally the start of everything that I’m doing now.

Actionable steps to take away from podcast

  1. Keep your ear to the ground. What do you or other people complain about or have issues with?
  2. Fill a need when opportunity presents itself, even if you don’t do it perfectly at first.
  3. Keep improving to deliver better and better results.

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Have a great day!