In this video content marketing video for Edutige, I do things a little differently. We know that many customers want to record the exhaust sounds of their cars…usually modified, fast cars and not slow-poke station wagons like mine. So as luck would have it, a customer of ours makes a video recording the exhaust of his bad a** Mustang. I asked if I could share the video and so what I did was take some parts of the video to create the video you see here.
Any time you can get your customers, your community, to contribute to your video content marketing, you’re going to win over new customers. The level of trust this type of user generated content creates is incredible. But to get there, you have to make sure your products/services are up to snuff and that you’re also taking care of those people.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

Here is the post from Edutige and this is where the original article was published:

In this video, you’ll learn about recording exhaust sounds with a GoPro and about mounting the microphone. Ibrahim, a customer in India, bought one of our Action Bundles for GoPro and mounted the ETM-001 with the EWS-003 windscreen onto the bumper of his wicked Mustang using a GoPro suction mount. Very cool!

What’s even cooler is the sound of the car’s exhaust, and the fact that there is no vibration or wind noise.

Be sure to check out Ibrahim’s full video and his YouTube channel for more cool car videos.