Videos are great for sharing tips and tricks with your customers because the videos help put a “face” to your company, while at the same time, helping your customers to learn something new.
In this week’s video for Edutige Microphones, I share a trick to help people film themselves when making videos with an iPhone and using the back camera. It’s a simple trick but it’s not something people are likely to figure out on their own.

As I’ve mentioned before, videos help build trust and a relationship with your customers in a far more powerful way than words on a screen can.

When you provide value to your customers by teaching them tips and tricks, you can build a greater sense of trust with your customers. They’re not thinking that you’re just interested in selling them something.

People are skeptical, so when you can genuinely help them you break through that wall of skepticism and establish your company as the good guys.

Finally, your customers (and potential customers) see you as the expert in that particular topic area and you become the go to source for information, help and eventually, as the only company they want to do business with. Pretty cool, I’d say.

So add video marketing to your blogging/content and focus on how you can help your customers beyond just thinking about getting a sale. It’s a good thing.

And if you need help in creating those videos, get in touch and let’s talk.