Explainer videos are incredibly effective video marketing tools because they are seen as unintimidating and sort of entertaining. But just like any type of marketing tool, it needs to speak to its intended audience or it won’t be effective.

The explainer video I created for PagePath was successful because the message was clear. We spoke to the intended audience and demonstrated that we understood their pain and had a simple solution.

We also didn’t ramble on needlessly. I’m perfectly happy taking more money to create a longer video, but I’d much rather create a shorter one that gets results.

In this case, PagePath increased lead generation by 200% after using the video in two email campaigns.

So be sure to speak clearly to your audience and if you are promoting a product or service, give your audience the information they need to take the next step and cut out the fluff.

If you need some professional help with creating an effective explainer video for your business, then get in touch with me and let’s talk.