One of the challenges when producing marketing videos for your business is having a place to make your videos. My suggestion, and what I do, is constantly experiment and change things up.

If you can, then set up a dedicated video “studio,” even if it’s just a quiet area in your office.

But don’t be afraid to play around and try new things. You may discover something you didn’t know that works great.

You will certainly get experience in shooting your videos in different conditions, which means you’re learning and improving.

Just remember that whatever you do, think about what impression you are giving to your customers.

For example, unless you’re in the wine industry, it’s probably not a good idea to have empty bottles of booze lying around in the background.

Anyway, the point is you need to experiment and that change can be a good thing and will help you produce better marketing videos for your business.

What are some things you’ve done differently or experimented with that lead to something unexpected… in a good way?