There’s a lot of talk about authenticity when it comes to doing business, especially when we talk about social media and content marketing. What do you think about the importance of being authentic? How do you demonstrate authenticity in your business?

I personally feel that authenticity is critical in today’s business world. You can’t hide who you are or what you’re about anymore.

Just look at what happened to that dentist who went big game hunting in Africa.

That’s a pretty extreme example of people thinking you’re one thing and then finding out you are totally different.

But it illustrates the importance of being authentic when doing business.

A great tool for demonstrating authenticity is video because you’re putting yourself out there for people to see and hear.

So try to add elements of your personality to further demonstrate your authentic self.

It can go a long way towards building trust and establishing relationships with your customers and clients.

What are your thoughts on authenticity?