One of the biggest problems with producing video marketing content is getting hung up on cameras and accessories. There are so many choices available and too much apprehension when it comes to choosing equipment because it is a significant investment and obviously, essential to producing live or talking head style videos.

However, the important thing is to NOT get hung up on specs, features and the latest and greatest camera gear. You will never be satisfied and will fall prey to the time suck that is researching camera equipment online. Believe me, I know!

The only important gear you need are a camera that can film in 1080HD, lighting, an external microphone and a tripod.

You’ve most likely got a camera, especially if you have a smartphone. So with a couple lights, a mic and a tripod, you’re ready to rock.

Make sure to learn how to use your gear because knowing how to get the most out of your gear will produce better results, even compared to newer or “better” equipment.

And of course, above all else… Make good content that offers value to your audience.

What’s your take on camera equipment? Do you upgrade often or stick with what you got?