North Shore Sports Medicine (NSSM) needed a video to welcome new patients, to ensure they felt confident in their choice to work with NSSM.

We also wanted to add a touch of human connection and authenticity so be sure to watch all the way through.

We had many discussions with Paige Larson, the owner, and Sohail Kamal, the general manager, to understand who the target audience would be, what the message and focus would be and then we prepared the script.

Understanding the business and getting the script right are the foundational pieces upon which all the videos we produce are built.

Interviews with clients were arranged and filming was conducted for a total of 7 days.

Not 7 days in a row, though!

We worked with North Shore Sports Medicine for nearly a year to accommodate their schedule, situations that arose with their business and life in general.

We always focus on being there for our clients so empathy, patience and flexibility are core values when working with clients.

The result of this process is that Paige and Sohail feel confident that the end product will help them achieve their business goals and we’ve developed a close working relationship and friendship. A win-win for all.