When it comes to establishing brand identity, there is a myriad of options. Using videos to establish brand identity is like starting a campfire with a flamethrower, versus rubbing two sticks together. Sure, with either method you’ll get a fire, but one of them will get a lot more attention and works a wee bit faster.

This is the reason we created the following series of question and answer style videos for Kirsten Campbell, aka the Marketing Tornado.

Each video is meant to highlight her unique brand identity in a style that also fits with her personal brand.

The result for Kirsten has been a memorable first impression for visitors to her website and increased opportunities by virtue of standing out from the crowd.

But we didn’t just do these videos to help with establishing Kirsten’s brand. We also created an explainer-style video for her to introduce her service.

The goal is to let website visitors know they’re in the right place and to give a short pitch in order to encourage visitors to book a call with her.