TCA Electric is a top-rated electrical contractor based in North Vancouver. One of their specialties is EV charger installation and in this video, you’ll hear one of their clients give a testimonial for TCA Electric. A testimonial is all about helping potential clients make a confident decision to work with a service provider.

In this case, when working with TCA Electric to produce this video, we spent time learning about the main benefits that TCA Electric wanted to showcase. Once we knew, we created a set of questions that would encourage the client to talk about those benefits.

During the filming, we helped the client feel comfortable by going over the questions before the filming had begun. The questions are provided to the client as soon as they are prepared, to give the client time to consider what their answers will be.

While filming, the client is informed that they are able to answer the questions again until they feel comfortable with the answer they have given. We do this because people are often nervous being on camera, so it sometimes takes them a couple of tries before they give a genuinely authentic answer.

Another important aspect of filming a testimonial video is setting the scene. When we arrive at a client’s home, we quickly assess where the best location would be to film the testimonial video. In this case, the living room area offered the advantage of depth behind the client, as well as a comfortable area for the client to be seated.

If your business would like to do a better job of converting leads into paying customers or clients, testimonial videos are one of the most powerful ways to help you reach that goal. Get in touch with us to talk about testimonial videos for your business: Let’s talk!