About Us


Kwan Multimedia is a video marketing agency based in Vancouver that specializes in helping businesses in competitive industries use video as a strategic sales and marketing tool to stand out from the crowd.

With about 5 billion YouTube videos viewed every day, you risk losing business opportunities and leads by not using video, or worse, using it ineffectively or making poor quality videos.

Here are some things our video marketing service can do for your business:

  • Generate qualified leads

  • Convert leads into customers

  • Grow your online brand and social media presence

  • Show your customers why you’re different and better than your competition

  • Recruit staff who are attracted to your corporate culture and values

  • Educate people so they trust you and think of you as an authority in your industry

  • Build relationships with customers even before they are customers

  • Overcome objections to buying from you

  • Increase your search engine rankings

  • Communicate your message in a clear and effective way that gets results

Our Expertise

We are experts in understanding your business and your customers to create awesome videos that clearly communicate your message and vision to help your business grow.

How? By actually listening and combining a unique blend of expertise in:

  • Business and online marketing… To know what’s important to you and how to strategically leverage video marketing so you’re not wasting time and money

  • Presentations and storytelling… To find the right message and communicate it to your target audience so they take action

  • Broadcasting and video production… To create polished, high-quality videos your competition will envy

  • Social media… To advise you on where to put your marketing dollars and time so you’re growing your online presence in the right way

  • And straight up caring about seeing you succeed

More Than Just Pretty Videos

We don’t just make pretty videos. We make pretty videos that get results for your business.

That’s why we’re a video marketing agency and not a plain old videography company.

We develop high-level and tactical creative concepts hyper-focused on your business objectives, and we will be with you every step of the way from the beginning to end.

By doing this we take extra care to ensure that what we create for you is on brand, on strategy, on-time, and on budget.

More About Us


Carl Kwan - Owner of Kwan Multimedia

As a business owner, I know it can be tough to not only find but also attract new clients.

When I was young my parents struggled to make ends meet with their small business and that’s why Kwan Multimedia’s primary purpose is to help all businesses succeed. Your success is our success.

To help you succeed I come fully loaded with a diverse video and marketing background that includes a combined 12 years experience in:

  • Building a brand and online presence: YouTube Channel with 46,000+ subscribers and over 8.4 million video views

  • Online marketing: Content marketing, using landing pages and sales funnels, email marketing

  • Video production: Script writing, voiceovers, filming, creating animated videos and carefully editing to create impactful videos for my clients

  • TV and radio experience: I once had a TV show and was a regular guest on some of the top English radio programs in South Korea

  • Professional voice acting: I’ve voiced projects for Mercedes and Samsung, as well as hundreds of educational and corporate projects, which means I can help you communicate your message clearly in your videos

  • Executive presentations coaching: Understand the importance of messaging and how to be engaging

What it all means for you

Business storytelling with video copy.jpg

It means that I specialize in finding the right message and presenting that message to engage with the right target market and achieve business goals.

Looking to find out more about me?

Check my LinkedIn profile, or visit my YouTube Channel. I am also the owner of PresentationExpressions.com, a website I started in 2009 to help people learn about how to give a great presentation.

Trust Kwan Multimedia to create the best videos for your business. Contact us today to discuss your business goals and objectives and how we can help. We can’t wait to partner with you!