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Who I am and why I make videos


When I was a kid, I saw how my parents had dreams for themselves and us. They worked their butts off and struggled, but never gave up.

As a child, I tried helping them with just communicating in English but always felt kinda helpless because, you know, I was a kid.

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When I got older and could help more, I did...

And it helped me realize how much I loved teaching and helping others find success.


I moved abroad to live in South Korea at the end of 2004.

Much to my surprise, I met people who had the same dreams and aspirations that my parents had.

I literally felt like I was talking to a Korean version of my mom and dad.


And that's why I do what I do...

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams and aspirations.

I believe that by making videos that communicate, resonate and motivate customers to take action, your business will take the next step and continue to grow into what you envisioned.

What I bring to the table

  • MBA with over 9 years experience in presentations consulting, marketing, video production and business as a solo entrepreneur.

  • Over 42,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 7 million views as of January 2019.

  • 17 videos with over 100k views each.

  • 3 years experience on TV and radio as an on air personality.

  • 9 years experience as a professional voice actor.

  • Global clients, including Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), International Service for Human Rights and March of Dimes Canada.

  • Owner of; trained executives from organizations such as Korean Air, Jaguar Land Rover and the Central Bank of Korea.

  • Experienced in social media and online marketing.

  • Specializing in finding the right message and presenting that message to engage your target market and achieve business goals.

  • Basically, not a videographer… Check my LinkedIn profile and website for testimonials and to learn more about what value I can bring to your business.