Explainer and Whiteboard Videos

explainer & whiteboard videos

Animated videos are perfect for your homepage because they are an engaging way to describe how your product or service works and are not limited by what can be filmed.

Top 5 Benefits of Animated Videos:

  1. Timeless and evergreen because there are no people or places that could look outdated.

  2. Maximum value for money because of how long an animated video can be used for compared to a video with someone who may not be working with you in the future.

  3. Highly effective for service-based businesses, such as law firms, software and app developers, non-profits, etc.

  4. Can visually explain complex subjects to make them easily understandable.

  5. More freedom to be creative because animated videos are not bound by what’s humanly possible or production costs of live video, such as special effects.

The most important thing about an animated video

No matter what style of video you choose or how slick the animation, the script and the message make or break the video.

This focus on the script and message is what makes us different because we’re able to identify what it is that your audience cares about and present it to them so that they will take action.

Animated Video Types:

  • Explainer Videos: More like cartoons, can be more colourful and dynamic.

  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos: The images are “drawn” along with the voiceover narration. People love watching whiteboard videos to see what will happen.

Explainer Video Lengths:

  • 30 seconds:

    • Great for top-of-funnel awareness campaigns

    • Perfect for social media sites like Instagram

  • 60 seconds: Getting customers to buy or learn more about your business.

    • Meets Instagram’s time limit on videos

    • Enough time to describe one specific product or service and its benefits

  • 90 seconds is the sweet-spot for animated videos because there’s enough time to describe the pain the viewer experiences and your solution.

    • 90 seconds is what we recommend for 95% of clients.


  • Custom script that communicates the right message to your target audience

  • Professional voiceover

  • Animated explainer video in your choice of:

    • 1920 x 1080: The normal video size

    • Square: For Facebook and/or Instagram

  • Royalty free music and sound effects

Price: Contact us to discuss your project for an accurate quote